Deciphering Cosmic Language: Sun, Moon & Rising

Birth charts are confusing, there’s no doubt about that. But once deciphered, they can reveal so much about your personality and goals - more than what your typical Sun sign can offer. Here, we’re breaking down the big three: Sun, Moon and Rising.

Your Sun sign is your main sign, and most people will know what theirs is. Often people will discredit astrology based on the fact that they don’t feel they can relate to all of the traits that are associated with their Sun sign. This is because your other placements affect your personality just as much, and often will contradict what your Sun sign represents.

You can determine your Sun, Moon and Rising placements through an online birth chart - as long as you know your exact time of birth. Without knowing, you can't be sure of your rising sign, as this changes every couple hours.

Sun Sign

The Sun sign does not describe the way you behave. Instead, it will reveal the things that you consider real and most important in life. It influences your truest self and core values. And like any trait, you can work on it. Take your Sun sign as the basic blueprint of yourself. Everything else adds your complexities, layers, and uniqueness.

Your Sun sign is a good indicator of who you are compatible with, as you can pair yourself with someone who has the same values as you.

In addition, it will also reveal how you recharge:

Fire signs, you're often so driven by your aspirations, you’re prone to bursts of motivation. This means you’re able to recharge most effectively with physical activity, whether that be the gym, dance or however else you let off some steam!

Earth signs are motivated by materialism and practicality. When you’re productive that’s your way of recharging, so stop overthinking it and just go work. You also recharge when you’re feeding your indulgences to a point that your credit card bill always suffers for this.

Air signs are the intecultual ones in the group - we know you love to strut your smarts! So go recharge where you do it best, in a social setting. And for everyone else, don’t feel bad, they’re just smarter than us. Deal with it.

Water signs thrive on deep emotional connections. They appear raw, real, and unable to fake. You recharge by having those emotional and sometimes intimate experiences.

Moon Sign

There is no day without night, and there is no whole picture of you without your Moon sign. You are only understanding part of yourself if you’re only taking your Sun sign into account. Another way of thinking of it is that your Sun is awake, it’s your obvious and outward traits. Your Moon is subconscious: it’s the soul behind your identity. The part of you that you feel you tend to hide, the part that dictates and drives your emotions. The private you.

As the Moon sign dictates your emotions, it’s also important to know your partner’s Moon sign to see if you will fulfil each other’s emotional needs.

The Moon sign is something for those who identify as female should really focus on, as the Moon is full of feminine energy. So really getting in touch with what your sign is telling you will give you a better idea on how to really connect and get in touch with your divine feminine energy. Look out on our website for more on how to do so.

Rising/Ascendant Sign

Your Rising sign is essentially people’s first impression of you, the version of yourself you put out there.

It will also give you an idea of your true style and how you like to wear clothes and accessories to express yourselves. Please note, this represents the style you’d love to have and your true aesthetic, not the one you currently wear! Don’t feel like you can’t relate to your Taurus rising because you aren’t wearing designer everything - you still look designer without the label.

You can usually tell what someone’s approach to life will be like by looking at their Rising sign. A curious cat Air sign will want to understand everything and everyone it comes across. Ambitious Fire signs want to leave their mark on the world; they want to literally set the world on fire. The leader Earth signs have a very grounded position when approaching life, and we look to them in times of trouble. Sweet Water signs, you are the empathetic voice and in life you take it as an emotional journey and your charitable nature puts you on a life path of helping others.

Trolldom: The Mystical Healers of Nordic Folklore

From warding off colds to banishing anger problems, the mystical healers of Scandinavia had a rather different concept of medicine - a typical prescription usually involved a nature-based concoction with a side of spirit summoning and incantations that were repeated under the light of the full moon.

The ancient practice of Trolldom was once commonly performed in countries such as Norway and Sweden - the word itself is a Swedish translation of ‘magic’. And although it has largely been unable to withstand the dominance of modern science, it still continues to be a fascinating aspect of Nordic folklore.

Methods & Mythology

As healers of the community, Trollkunnings, as they were called, would often work together, attending to ailments and problems of all kinds. It was tradition to conduct a psychic reading, often invoking spirits that may be causing, or determine the cause of the issue. One would then heal the sick with the use of various herbs and plants. There would also be a practitioner appointed to perform spellwork and spiritual practices, and these were found in what was known as a “black book”: a collection of spells, rituals, and remedies.

In these collections, plants like ground ivy were recorded to be used for healing wounds and warding off colds, and within magick, it was for protection against evil entities. Willow was renowned for its effectiveness in soothing anger and dampening conflicts. In addition, Trollkunnings would often be summoned to handle nature spirits, such as banishing them and healing those who had been attacked by elvish beings known as the Hidden People.

Besides the obvious approach of using herbs for ailments, these books also contained rather strange “cures” that would undoubtedly raise questions if carried out now. It was believed that those suffering from toothache could "transfer" the pain to someone or something else by biting it, as long as it was done on a Thursday during a waning moon.

Artist's impression of the Hidden People, or Huldufólk as they are known in Iceland

Adaptation & Depletion

Trolldom was the magick of the folk, and it changed as religion and cultures changed. When Christianity became dominant in Scandinavia, the practice evolved to include elements of those beliefs within its traditions. Spellworks and rituals that involved calling upon Jesus, Mary and God are more commonly found than those calling upon the ancient Norse gods such as Odin and Freyja.

In the 16th century, Scandinavia was hit by a panic induced witchcraze, and although Trolldom was inherently performed for good, the practice often found itself caught in the crossfire. Instead of being accused of witchcraft, or sorcery, some practitioners were put on trial for ‘superstition’ due to their spiritual and magickal based beliefs and traditions.

Despite this, Trolldom was able to survive the infamous witch trials and continue for centuries after as a recognised profession, until it faded almost out of existence in the 40s and 50s. Modern medicine and science was quickly progressing and the need for Trollkunnings quickly depleted.

Resurrection & Divination

In recent years, there has been a revitalised interest in alternative and holistic medicine, but finding genuine and adept practitioners of Trolldom in Scandinavia is incredibly rare. Its resurrection comes instead in the popularity of some divination techniques, like rune casting. This ancient method of magick remained dormant after the Latin alphabet became the norm in Scandinavia, but was then re-awakened and incorporated into later Trolldom practices.

This magickal craft has now been adopted by eclectic witches and contemporary pagans as a way of becoming more in tune with their subconscious and to receive advice, guidance and even predictions about future events.

Although it's no longer widely practised, Trolldom still remains an important part of Nordic folklore ; a time that was truly magickal, mystical and a little mysterious.